Vision, Mission & Core Values


To be a leading technology-driven Rural Bank in Ghana providing the most attractive, innovative, competitive and timely services to meet the ever changing needs of our valued customers through a team of well trained, developed and highly motivated staff.



Sonzele Rural Bank Limited is established mainly to encourage savings among the people in the community through mobilization of idle funds from its catchment area and channeling such financial resources into local businesses in the form of loans for the financing of various economic activities in the locality. We shall pursue the development of a skilled work force dedicated to the pursuit of quality practices and critically review our performance each year to grow and preserve the Bank Shareholders investment.



  1. We believe in providing quality and accessible Banking services to our customers and the public in Rural Communities.
  2. We believe our first responsibility is to the Shareholders of Sonzele Rural Bank Limited, the Jirapa District Assembly, our valued customers and the public who patronize the services of the Bank.
  3. Sonzele Rural Bank Limited, believes in carrying out its operations prudently and managing its resources efficiently and within the regulatory framework to providing a favorable financial balance and sustainable growth that will assure the ultimate success of the Bank.
  4. Sonzele Rural Bank Limited, believes in quality and will therefore recruit, develop, motivate, reward and train personnel of exceptional quality, high competence, unquestionable character and dedication to carrying out the Bank’s vision we shall provide a good working condition, superior leadership, performance-based compensation, an attractive benefit package, opportunity for growth and high degree of job security for the most cherished and valuable work force.